Ana Brenda Contreras as Ana Paula

Ana Paula Carmona Flores is the main protagonist of La Que No Podia Amar. she was played by Ana Brenda Contreras. She was a nurse at Clinica de San Gabriel.


Ana Paula was born to Mariana Montero and her father Federico. She grew up to be a nurse at a clinic in the setting of the story, San Gabriel, Mexico. She met a trainee nurse named Daniela (or Danny) and became close friends. Ana Paula's brother, Miguel, was jailed becasue of crashing a truck from a company where he worked. Ana Paula had a aunt Rosaura that was ambicous and was working for Bruno, a atagonist in the series. Ana Paula's mother died and her father dissapeared, until found to be Vanessa's father, turning out that they were half-sisters. Then, she was hired to treat a man named Rogelio, because he was permanatly paralyzed because of saving Margarito, his son. When she met Rogelio, he had a cold heart and was rough toward love. Ana Paula tried her best into fitting in the Hacienda Del Fuerte. When she met Margarito, he liked her very much, and asked her to take her out for a walk to the river out in the distance. She said yes. As they were walking, she fell into the river and was taken down where the river's deep waters were. Margarito called out her name and panic into findinf her, until a engineer, Ing. Gustavo Durán Esqueivel, came along and saw Ana flowing down the river, almost drowning, He saved her and took her to shore. They fell in love and made themselves a couple, though Rogelio was jeaulos because Ana looked like his past lover, Vanessa

Ana Paula (Ana Brenda) and Gustavo (Jose Ron)

was so jealous of her that she made her loose her job one day. After working for rogelio she got fed up with his attitude that she left without notice rogelio was so angry and he missed her alot. ana paula then gustavo helped her go home her aunt was angry and slapped her she went on looking fo a job but never found one. rogelio threatened that if she didn't come back he would make her brother loose his job since he found it for him.